3D Signs, Backlit Signs, Acrylic Letters Illuminated & LED Signs at Surrey, Langley Vancouver

With electric and LED signs for your business, you can make a bold and vivid statement. Printuclture, Surrey, has a variety of choices
to meet your requirements.We have everything you need to boost your visibility and attract visitors, day or night,
from sign Box and 3D channel letters to custom backlit or LED signs.

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3D Cut Metal Letters Sign Vancouver Surrey Langley

  •  Cut Letter metal Signage
  • Backlit or Non-Back Lit options
  • Suitable for Outdoor and Indoor
  • Brushed Metal
  • Finish: Matt, Mirror
  • Color: Choose from Chrome, Bronze, Gold finish, or any custom color
  • Custom size and Quality
  •  Stainless Steel for durability and long life
  • Screw mounting or Foam tape installation
  • Suitable for company logo, Company name, Store Facade Letter sign, Metal Sign
  • Variety of color options
  • Other 3D Signs: Click here

3D Lightbox Or Blade Sign

  • Custom sizing & custom shape  LED  light box signage
  • made with 3mm/5mm Acrylic Board 
  • Shape: Square / Rectangular / Hexagon / Custom
  • UV printed for crystal digital clarity
  • Frameless & with frames
  • With LED  Lights
  • with Mounting accessories
  • Suitable for Cinema signs, emergency exit signage, restaurant signage, store signage, wall sign, Store front signages

3D metal sign

  • 3D metal Signages
  • Suitable for Outdoor 
  • Custom size and Quality
  • Available in Casting, Stainless Steel, brass
  • Screw mounting & all installation accessories included
  • Suitable for company logo, Company name, Store Facade Letter sign, Metal Sign
  • Variety of color options: Gold, Silver, Bronze, Titanium Black 

Backlit signs-Metal & Acrylic

  • Material: Aluminum or Stainless Steel, Cast Metal(bronze or Aluminum), Acrylic
  • Finishes: brushed finish, mirror-polished, painted
  • Mounting: include bottom stud mount and rail mount
  • halo effect LED backlighting
  • easy to install
  • Suitable for offices, stores, 
  • Outside building, shop, store, supermarket or indoor for reception Areas

Looking for 3D Signs or 3D Sign Letters, Backlit or LED Signages in Surrey, Langley or anywhere in Vancouver?

theprintculture, a Surrey, Vancouver sign firm, is the place to go if you need 3D signs. We assure you that your name will truly stand out with our signs! We offer 3D sign solutions for your stores, restaurants, malls, or offices. Whether you need 3D signs produced and installed in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley, or anywhere in the Lower Mainland, or flat signage fixed flush to your building, printculture is your best 3D sign shop. Architectural and building signage can be custom-painted or printed to match your company’s branding or a specific color scheme. We can provide a variety of materials Like Brass, acrylic, or aluminum to provide you cost-effective or cheap 3D signage solutions.

About LED or Back Lit Signages, the advantage is you can operate LED sign boards from a central place, whether they’re inside or outside. Use lightboxes to create eye-catching displays, and neon signs are ideal for restaurants, bars, and retail establishments. Pylon signs, Reader Boards, and LED lights are among the electrical signage options available from printculture.

3D Sign:

Want to have the best three-dimensional identity for your brand, printculture is the best option for 3D signage or 3D sign letters, fabrication in Surrey, British Columbia, Canada. When it comes to making 3d signs in Surrey or Vancouver or Langley or anywhere in the Lower mainland, printculture is the best and most dependable sign company in Surrey. printculture is your one-stop partner, from concept design to manufacture and installation, until you are completely delighted with your fresh new 3D sign.
3D signs or 3D metal signs are precisely what they sound like: personalized lettering tailored to your company’s needs. We are the premier, cost-effective external and outdoor sign company in Surrey.
Our Range: 3D Channel Letters, Store Front Signs, Metal Cut Signs

Backlit, Illuminated  or Electric Signages :

Back-Lit Signs are a great solution for your business created by printculture. They are also known by different names like Lightboxes, illuminated signs, Electric Sign, or Back Lit Signage. They allow you to brightly illuminate your business brand in a cost-effective manner. Our lightboxes will help you bring your brand to life. We guarantee a versatile and cheap signage solution for that extra lighting you need to get the word out, regardless of the shape, volume, or size. Any lightbox or BackLit LED sign that you require for your brand can be customized. We can also create 3D Metal and Acrylic backlit signs.