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Big Head Carboard Cutouts

  • Custom size
  • Available in a thickness of 4mm/6mm
  • UV-printed, scratch-resistant durable printing
  • Custom cut-outs are printed in Photo-realistic high-resolution, look realistic life-size
  • MOQ: 1 Pc
  • PVC Weather resistant Coroplast material
  • The easel stand is optional and is charged extra

Danglers Printing Vancouver

  • Customized
  • High-quality UV /Digital Printing
  • Choice of Polysterene, Cardstock (200 /250 GSM) or Vinyl
  • Choice of Die cut to create customized shapes

Floor Graphics

  • Custom Printed in high resolution digital colours
  • Cut in custom size and shape to meet your artwork and space availability
  • Stickers available in various qualities to match the surface type
  • With Super Adhesive glue
  • PVC film lamination
  • Fast Delivery

Hanging Signs or Dropdown

  • Fully Customized
  • UV printed for high resolution printing
  • variety of base Rigid: from foam board, coroplast, cardstock
  • Flexible option includes: Vinyl , Polystyrene

Internal Directory Signages Printing

Internal Directory Signages Printing in Vancouver, Surrey, Langley

  • High quality interior directional or wayfinding signages
  • Useful for directing & guiding people & crowd
  • Can be created using a wide variety of materials & formats, to give a different appeal, effect and suit different requirements
  • Glass, acrylic, aluminum, ACM Clad(aluminum composite Material)
  • Are directional( arrows), informational (warnings, fun facts, other necessary information) or can be identity signages(floor plans, room signs, nameplates etc)

Plain Wall Graphics

  • UV vinyl printing
  • Size: Customised
  • High-Quality adhesive
  • Semi-Gloss and Gloss
  • Option to choose  PVC free films
  • 100% opacity, completely covers whatever is underneath
  • Luster Finish (MPI 2610 & 2611)  &  Textured finish (MPI 2630 & MPI 2631)

Product Roll Labels

  • Used as content labels, print Labels or Packaging seals
  • Available in a wide variety of sizes ranging from 1" x 1" up to 6.5" x 6.5"
  • Qty from 250 to 50,000
  • Choose from different shapes Circle, Oval, Square, Rectangle or Custom
  • 2.3 Mil thickness
  • High Quality adhesive
  • Heat resistance, UV stability
  • Performs well in both Hot and cold packaging
  • resistance against water, oil and chemicals

Retail End Cap Signages

  • Custom Printing
  • Custom Shape
  • Choice of Rigid Foam Board or Coroplast
  • Laminated or Without Laminated Option
  • High Resolution UV Printing

Retail Fixture Signages

  • Custom Printing
  • Custom Shape
  • Choice of Rigid Foam Board or Coroplast
  • Laminated or Without Laminated Option