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Directional Sign: Interior

  • High quality interior directional or wayfinding signages
  • Useful for directing & guiding people & crowd
  • Can be created using a wide variety of materials & formats, to give a different appeal, effect and suit different requirement
  • Glass, acrylic, aluminum, ACM Clad(aluminum composite 
  • Are directional( arrows) , informational (warnings, fun facts, other necessary information) or can be identity signages(floor plans, room signs, name plates etc)

Pole Banners

  • Perfect for events & outdoor communication
  • Can be printed single-sided or double-sided
  • Sublimation printing for colorfastness
  • Easy to assemble

Poster Frame

  • Weather-resistant, Black Color
  • takes 2 Posters, Printed on Plastic/PVC sheets
  • 2 base sizes(LxW): “with H Frame 24”x 36“ or with Tank frame: 31”x 19
  • Base type: H frame or Sand/water-filled Tank type. Tank type is with wheels
  • H type is not suitable for excessive windy conditions
  • Tank type is more suitable for windy outdoor conditions
  • It Fits 5mm coroplast, foam core, or any rigid material.
  • Can be used for both indoor & Outdoor signage communication
  • Channel for ease of signage sliding in and out