Fabric Displays – Step & Repeat


Eye-catching design

With so many other small businesses vying for attention at trade shows, events and in stores, you’ll need an easy way to stand out from the crowd. Enter our tension fabric banners. Standing at over 7.5′ tall (with a variety of width options), they’re designed to grab the attention of people passing by. And with our double-sided printing, you’ll get your message seen from all angles.

An impressive backdrop

Our tension banners are made of a silky, soft-knit material that slips over a frame for a form-fitted, professional look. Just add your logo and other key info for a sharp backdrop or display at events, presentations, retail shops, conferences and other high-traffic areas. The lightweight frame and fabric make it easy to transport and move your tension display around. Then just pop it in the wash to keep it fresh use after use.

Intuitive design process

To start creating your tension fabric display, explore our gallery of fully customizable design templates. (Have a design ready to go? Use our design upload option.) Once you’ve found a favorite design, make it yours by adding your custom details to the front and back. Then we’ll take care of the rest, professionally printing and shipping your order. Your trade show banner will arrive looking great and ready to get noticed.

Custom step and repeat backdrops serve several purposes:

  • Branding: They prominently display logos, sponsors, or event branding, ensuring consistent exposure in event photos and media coverage.
  • Aesthetics: The repeating design creates a visually appealing backdrop for photos and interviews, enhancing the event’s overall look.
  • Marketing: They provide an opportunity for effective marketing by associating a brand with high-profile events and influencers.
  • Engagement: Backdrops can encourage attendees to take photos and share them on social media, further extending the reach of the branding.
  • Professionalism: They add a professional touch to events, making them look well-organized and polished.

Custom step and repeat backdrops are commonly used in events like movie premieres, award ceremonies, charity galas, trade shows, and product launches. They offer a simple yet powerful way to promote a brand or event while providing an attractive background for photography and media coverage.