Screen Printing in Richmond

Screen Printing in Richmond

Screen Printing in Richmond – Heard from your friends about how cool it is to get your favourite image or text printed on a T-shirt? Well, the easiest and most cost-effective way to get it done is Screen printing. If you have never heard about screen printing or have heard about it but are not very sure what exactly it is, we at “The Printculture” will love to share some tips with you as we are one of the leading print shops for Screen printing in Richmond. Simply follow these tips and we assure you we get the best-looking graphics on your garments.

What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing in easy language can be explained as a process or technique whereby design can be transferred from one medium to the other using a mesh. It is a very popular technique used to create designs on fabric but can also be used to print on metal, wood, or glass.

For printing or transferring the design, a stencil is made on a mesh screen. Ink is then forced through this mesh to create an imprint of the required artwork on a new surface which is placed below the mesh. Multiple color artworks can be printed using this method. However, a different stencil is required for each color.

We at Printculture have a wide collection of blank T-shirts which can be custom printed in your desired artwork, image, text, or logo. So, if you are also looking for Screen printing in Richmond, you should connect with us and explore all our services.

Why Screen Printing for T-shirts?

If you are one of our regular customers for T-shirt screen printing in Richmond, based on the quality of our custom printed merchandise, you will agree that it is one of the most popular techniques for printing on T-shirts. If you’re new to Printculture and are looking for custom printed T-shirts, we strongly recommend screen printing as the ideal option to print bulk orders.

Advantages of Screen Printing in Richmond

 Vibrant Prints

Screen printing produces more rich and deep colours when compared to other printing techniques.

Super quick & Efficient process of printing

The most detailed or time-consuming part of screen printing is to create the stencil or screen. Once that is ready, the actual screen-printing process on garments is super quick.

Bulk Friendly

The cost of screen making is the same whether you are printing 1 T-shirt or 100. The larger the order, the lesser the cost of printing per piece as the screen cost gets divided across a greater number of garments.

Long-lasting print quality

We take pride in our screen-printing expertise which is due to our years of experience in this industry. However, we will also acknowledge the fact that we use superior quality inks for the process due to which our garments look vibrant for many years.

Versatile process

Screen printing can be used with the same ease and speed on almost any kind of fabric as long as it is flat.

Why visit “The Printculture” for Screen Printing in Richmond

Printculture is a 100% Canada-owned and operated business. When you work with us, you can always expect prompt and high-quality service at the most competitive costs. We provide service throughout Vancouver and British Columbia, with express delivery available in some areas such as Coquitlam, Surrey, Richmond, Langley, and Burnaby.

Send us an email at or give us a call at 778-803-4255 to source beautiful Custom printed T-shirts for any personal event or corporate requirement.

We have the right set of print machines and a team of print technicians as well as graphic designers so that we deliver high-quality custom print merchandise. You can either give your print artwork or share your concept and our design team will be happy to assist you in creating your unique design for screen printing in Richmond.

Tips to remember while creating your Print artwork for Screen Printing

Below we have listed a few pointers we use and suggest to all our clients while creating print artworks for screen printing:

Vector Files

You vector artwork files as they allow you to enlarge the design as much as possible without getting blurred. Also, the quality of your print will be great.

Size & Scale

Make sure the print size is adjusted w.r.t. the T-shirt size. If you need the same print for T-shirts ranging from Size XS to XXL, we recommend using two print artworks. One can be used from sizes XS to M and the second for sizes L to XXL. This will make sure the print placement and appeal are good across all sizes.


Always expand your fonts before you share your artwork. If you send a file with unexpanded text and the particular font is not available with us, our systems will replace it with a default font, which is not what you wanted.

Review the Mock-ups

As a standard practice at Printculture, we always submit Print mock-ups to all our clients for their approval. Please review them carefully for print design and placement.

Be detailed with your requirements

We request all our clients to be as detailed or specific as they can be with their requirements. This helps us deliver good quality great looking screen-printed T-shirts matching their needs.

Contact Printculture for screen printing in Richmond.

Looking for custom printed T-shirts in Richmond for a personal celebration or promotional Tees for a company event? Connect with us for screen printing in Richmond. Whether you are an individual customer or a business house, you will be happy with our product quality as well as exceptional customer service.

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