Top 5 Reasons to use Customized T-shirts Vancouver

Personalized t-shirts or Customized t-shirt Vancouver

Apparel particularly printed t-shirts today have found their way as Promotional merchandise which are highly effective in the marketing and advertising space. Customized t-shirts Vancouver, personalized with your brand image or logo, are very popular for corporate gifting. Whether you need them for company events, team outings or simply for distribution to clients or target audience. They carry your brand image in big and bold. This helps to register your brand in the mind of the audience every time they wear it or see someone else wearing it.

What are Custom printed corporate T-shirts?

Customized t-shirts Vancouver are corporate t-shirts or promo tees as they are more popularly known. They are printed t-shirts that are labelled or branded with your company logo or image. These printed t-shirts are designed keeping in mind your brand colours, theme, logo or ideology. If being used for any milestone celebration or for any target setting conference, they can be custom printed to define or symbolize the event. Customized t-shirts are also used for distribution to target audiences during trade shows and other promotional events etc.

While these printed tees are for free give away, still, in the current era of fashion, it is very important to ensure the t-shirt design is done keeping in mind the latest trends. This implies that while the t-shirt graphic has your company logo or name, the colour combination, print placement, font etc is selected such that it is aesthetically pleasing to be well received by others. In addition, they should always be good quality printed t-shirts, comfortable to wear and easy to maintain.

What personalized tees Vancouver?

Let us now see why promotional t-shirts are popular and how they work as an effective marketing tool or brand merchandise and help in building the recall value of your brand or organization.

1.     Customized t-shirts Vancouver help promote your brand

Corporate Tees are like timeless brand advertising tools as they never go out of trend or fashion. They have a wide acceptance as freebee merchandise and always get used by the receiver unlike a vast majority of giveaway items which simply get discarded and are never actually used. Owing to their popularity, they always get worn by your clients, potential customers or your employees, and everyone who wears them, unknowingly become your brand ambassadors wherever they go.

2.     Promotional tees are Conversation starters and hence build recall value of your brand

When you reach an event or gathering wearing a company or corporate t-shirt, very often the t-shirt attracts the attention of the people there, leading to a conversation regarding the company or any milestone event which is printed on the t-shirt. This not only attracts the attention of people who know your company or brand but also helps register your brand to a wider audience who may not be aware of your company or brand.

Similarly, a free-bee t-shirt gifted to prospective clients also helps generate an affinity with them. Once they feel good about your company or brand, they end up talking about it in their social circle which once again helps in building your brand value with new customers/clients.

Printed t-shirts are also a great favourite to attract or engage with the youth on social media platforms. If the t-shirt design is trendy, they are a sure shot winner to grab the attention of a new target audience.

3.     Custom Printed t-shirts create a sense of “bonding” between employees

Planning a team outing or offsite trip or promoting a social event as part of company CSR activity? If yes, make use of the opportunity to design and gift customized t-shirts to your employees as it brings in a sense of affinity or togetherness between them.

Personalized t-shirts have always been a must in the history of sports. They stand for team identity and inculcate a sense of ownership and belonging in the team members. Similarly, corporate Tees are gaining popularity today as they help in building a sense of pride and belonging in the employees if used for internal marketing or a sense of community with clients if used for external marketing and communication.

4.     Personalized T-Shirts Vancouver are cost effective marketing tool.

Customized t-shirts Vancouver or branded tees can be selected from a wide range of options to match the budget. The base t-shirts are available across a variety of branded and non-branded options which are spread over a wide price range. The price depends on the fabric quality (pure cotton, polyester, blends) or fabric structure (knit, pique, special design) or the T-shirt style (crew neck, polo Tee, short sleeve, long sleeve).

The cost of custom print t-shirt design also varies depending on the print size and the number of colours in the print. These parameters can be thoughtfully decided keeping in mind your company budget. In the end, promo tees provide you with unlimited brand marketing and visibility at very economical costs. 

5.     Custom Tees are Comfortable, Easy to maintain and yet Trendy

A T-shirt as a form of apparel is very comfortable to wear and super easy to maintain. As compared to the traditional corporate dressing which involves formal shirts, t-shirts are any day lot more user friendly. They can be easily machine washed or hand washed and also generally do not require any ironing before wearing. While they are comfort wear, they can also be made into a fashion statement by choosing the right colour, print placement and print design.

Printed t-shirts are therefore a big hit with people. Especially the youngsters who prefer t-shirts over shirts and are always excited to get them as a takeaway.

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Promo apparel or Personalized corporate t-shirts are in trend and here to stay. They work as an excellent tool in your marketing and advertising strategy for brand promotion. However, it is important to ensure the colour, fabric quality and weight, size, print design etc are all correct and trendy to match the needs of your audience. Only then will they use customized t-shirts Vancouver and therefore end up promoting your brand or company.