Tips for Business Card Design Surrey

Tips for Business Card Design Surrey

Tips for Business Card Design Surrey – Business cards today are not just holders of key information. They have instead evolved into key marketing tools as they help create the first impression of your business and brand on your potential customers and clients. Today, a good and thoughtfully done business card design Surrey can leave a long-lasting impression on the recipient. This implies that your card is still working for you weeks or months after it has been handed over and received by your customer.

What is a Good Business Card Design Surrey?

A good business card design stands out and lets you get noticed in the eyes of your clients or partners. There is no standard rule book for card printing service and it purely depends on the kind of business you operate. If you are in B2B, your business card should be smart with a professional feel to it. However, if you are in the creative field or you have a quirky B2C business model, you can design a card that is more fun and engaging.

An eye-catching business card with all required key information can get the attention of your target audience and help you register in their memory even after your initial meeting. Business Cards therefore should be strategically designed to make them truly representative of your company and its values. Everything from the design, colour palette, branding, font style, and size, can help in creating the desired impact on the minds of the receiver.

Points to Create Effective Business Card Design Surrey

While card printing services are easy and common today, getting the card design correct is very important to make the perfect first impression. From small businesses to big corporates, business cards are equally important for every company and brand. We, therefore, bring to you a few essential tips you should keep in mind while designing the layout of your business cards.

Tip # 1 – Minimalistic (Short and Simple)

A business card is not your company resume. It’s not necessary to print all your details on the business card. An impactful business card design will contain only the essential information relevant to the customer such as who you are, how to connect with you, and your business area.

You must however add your Brand Logo to card printing as it will help increase your brand awareness and recall value in the mind of the receiver. Also, in today’s digital era, your card printing can include links to your company’s social media accounts. This will help link your offline and online marketing campaigns and initiatives.

Tip # 2 – Business Card should be Easy to Read

Business card design Surrey should always be legible with an easy-to-read font style and font size. You should avoid using unique fancy fonts as it can take away the attention from the actual purpose of the card that is sharing detail about your business.

You can however be creative and use refined graphics which go with your business name or product. Graphics are always more powerful in conveying the brand message as compared to words.

Tip # 3 – Business Card Design Surrey should be Classic yet Trendy

Business card printing should be simple yet trendy as it is your first impression on the clients and customers. It should be an eye-catching design so that it registers you and your brand in the mind of the reader.

Simple upgrades like adding an element of Embossing or applying foil print or simply adding a small detail in a loud contrast color can make the card more engaging and striking. However, these details should be aligned with your brand story and color palette. They should not be forced to fit into the business card design, Surrey.

Tip # 4 – Choose the right Paper quality

There are no set standards for paper type to be used for card printing services. Nevertheless, most business card designs are printed on 14 Pt or 300 gsm cardstock, which is a wide and more long-lasting form of commentary than commonly used for business card printing.

A higher or thicker version is 400 to 450 GSM cardstock. The thickness of this paper makes the card and by extension, your company — feel more premium and classier.

While selecting the paper quality, you must also choose the right paper finish. If you want your business card to stand out from the crowd, you must use special finishes rather than the standard ones. Special finishes stand a terrific way to create a moment and lasting appearance.

Tip # 5 – Create A QR Code

In modern-day technology, we see QR Codes everywhere around us. QR Codes take very little space and are a great way to share any additional or detailed information with the clients. With the help of QR codes, linking your business card to your website, social media sites, videos, blogs, etc is just a click away.

Tip # 6 – Choose the Right Printing Service

After going through all the above pointers, and creating the perfect business card design Surrey, you must ensure you are getting the cards printed at the right print shop. Your printer should be as passionate about your cards as you. Before you get the card printed, it is always important to do a trial run and test the printing quality for artwork, print quality, color depth, etc. Only after you are 100% satisfied with the output, you should proceed with bulk card printing.


From small businesses to big corporates, business card design Surrey are equally important for all business and brands. The key is to find an effective and good business card printing service, that makes your card look sharp, clean, and relevant to your industry. While approaching a new client, you only get one chance to make a perfect first impression. It is therefore important to have the right card so that you and your business get noticed.